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    Almost 60 000 visitors and the Event of the Year award Thank you – all of you who have been participating in the success of the exhibition. Almost 60 000 visitors came to the BigMedia ship within less than four months and that is a remarkable number. We are also very pleased with the first award we received. We won the "Event of the Year" title as part of the annual Český Rozhlas Dvojka Music Awards – The Legend of the Night Stream. On top of that, Karel Gott took over the Legend of the Decade Award. Once again to all of you: thank you very much! The GOTT, MY LIFE exhibition team. More news


    The retrospective exhibition tells the remarkable story of the most famous singer and icon of Czech popular music, Karel Gott.

    8.6 – 30.9.2017
    Rašínovo nábřeží, Prague

    Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 7pm

    Phone: 246 085 199

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    GOTT, my Life

    The retrospective exhibition tells the remarkable story of the most famous singer and icon of Czech popular music, Karel Gott. It also explores the changing social and cultural situations to which he has had to adapt for more than half a century. After all, a star is not born all on his own: he is the result of his interrelationships with his composer, songwriter, backup band, manager, record label, the spirit and tastes of the era, the media, technology, audiences, and chance.
    The stellar career of Karel Gott is presented through hundreds of objects from the singer’s personal belongings, and from the collections of public institutions and private collectors. The exhibition presents historical photographs, programs and brochures, posters, sound recordings, recording media of all kind, audiovisual materials, and awards from home and abroad.

    The Gott Phenomenon

    I would like for everyone in Europe (best of all, everyone in the world) to know that there once was a Czech who knew how to sing. And that is name was Gott.
    Karel Gott, 1969

    The Golden Voice of Prague

    The Golden Nightingale, Sinatra of the East, the Golden Voice of Prague, the Maestro, Divine Karel, or the Bringer of Good Tidings. These are just a few of the nicknames that Karel Gott has earned over the course of his 60-year career. He began in the cafés of Prague, where the young Gott fervently listened to jazz improvisation and danced to Western rock ‘n’ roll. He first performed in front of a live audience at a campfire gathering in 1957. Soon thereafter, he participated in amateur competitions that helped him win his first gig at the Vltava Café. The same year, he earned his apprenticeship papers and began working at the ČKD Stalingrad machine works – but singing enticed him so much that he left his job and began attending the State Conservatory. On the stage of the Semafor Theatre, he brought the bel canto opera technique to popular songs, and by the second half of the 1960s he was a part of the international world of show business, appearing on stage in Monte Carlo, Cannes, Moscow, Montreal, London, Las Vegas, and Rio de Janeiro with hits such as C’est la vie, Pošli to dál (Pass it On), Bum Bum Bum, and Lady Carneval. The amateur singer had become a star of Czechoslovak pop music.

    The 1970s AND 1980s years

    Karel Gott also hit it big on the musical scenes of West Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Soviet Union, selling out concert halls, hitting number one on the charts, and recording hundreds of songs. In the 1970s and ’80s, he crossed political and geographic borders, and broke down the boundaries between genres as well. He sang rock ‘n’ roll, pop, chanson, Dixieland, folk songs, Christmas carols, opera, and country – all in several languages. His songs for movies and television, such as Kdepak, ty ptáčku, hnízdo máš (Where Might Your Nest Lie, Little Bird?) and Včelka Mája (Maya the Bee), have become staples of popular culture.

    After 1989

    After the political transformation of 1989, many critics predicted that Karel Gott’s days were numbered. They saw him as the voice of the communist regime. Even Gott himself announced his retirement, but his fans and the positive atmosphere of his 1990 tour convinced him otherwise. He continued to release albums, again took first place in the Czech Nightingale poll for the country’s most popular singer, and became a valued guest at balls and his colleagues’ concerts. He even managed to attract members of the younger generation. And his star continues to shine today.

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    The show’s placement inside a unique exhibition space on a boat anchored along the Rašín Embankment offers visitors a fresh cultural experience in a pleasant atmosphere including a stylish café. Here, in the very heart of Prague, visitors can take in the exhibition and subsequently relax with breathtaking views of the city’s skyline, including its dominant historical landmark – Prague Castle. For the architects, creating a gallery in a setting as unconventional as a boat was a truly unusual task. Following the boat’s complete renovation both inside and out, their work has produced an exclusive and modern space, tailor-made for this exhibition.

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    1500 m3 exhibition area
    Over 1,000 items on display
    30 projections

    Gallery information



    Rašínovo nábřeží – river embankment
    GPS: 50°04’06.3″N 14°24’51.9″E

    Public transport

    Tram stop: Výtoň (nos. 2, 3, 7, 17, 21, 52) – 140 m
    Metro line B: Karlovo náměstí, exit towards Palackého náměstí – 550 m


    Street: Na Hrobci – 50°04’05.6″N 14°24’54.5″E – blue zone/residents only (120 m)
    Street: Svobodova – 50°04’02.9″N 14°24’55.4″E – parking meters (180 m)


    Individual admission


    + holidays

    Adults: 7,39 EUR
    (190 CZK)
    9,70 EUR
    (250 CZK)
    Students / Seniors (65+): 5,44 EUR
    (140 CZK)
    7,78 EUR
    (200 CZK)
    Children (6–15): 3,50 EUR
    (90 CZK)
    5,84 EUR
    (150 CZK)
    Families (2 adults + up to 3 children): 18,28 EUR
    (470 CZK)
    25,29 EUR
    (650 CZK)
    Handicapped (assistant free of charge): 3,50 EUR
    (90 CZK)
    4,67 EUR
    (120 CZK)


    Tickets ONLINE


    Opening hours

    CLOSED. 8.6. – 30.9.2017

    Contact information

    phone: +420 246 085 199
    e-mail: info@gottmylife.cz


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    Bezmála 60 tisíc návštěvníků a ocenění Událost roku

    Děkujeme Vám všem, kteří jste se podíleli na úspěchu výstavy. Na loď BigMedia Vás za necelé čtyři měsíce zavítalo bezmála šedesát tisíc, a to je úctyhodné číslo. Rovněž nás ohromně těší první ocenění, kterého se nám dostalo. Získali jsme titul Událost roku v rámci výročních hudebních cen Českého rozhlasu Dvojka - Legenda Nočního proudu. Karel Gott zde navíc převzal cenu Legenda desetiletí. Ještě jednou Vám všem moc děkujeme! Tým výstavy GOTT, MY LIFE

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